3 Most Popular Landmarks in Medan

Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra Province, is full of diversity of cultures. Through the countless years, thousands of retailers from China, India, the Middle Eastern, the Malay Peninsula, Singapore and Europe have come to the city to trade and where many settled down, each bringing their very own culture. The assimilation of those cultures has made a lively diverse city, as well as fascinating legacies in architecture and culinary heritage.
The city has many distinguished Landmarks in Medan lined with meticulous information and marvelous artworks. Here, you’ll easily find old buildings standing right next to sleek modern constructions.

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Below is a peek at the vibrant spirit you’ll find in Medan’s city centre:
1 | The Maimoon Palace
Constructed by Sultan Ma’mun Al Rashid Perkasa Alamsyah in 1887-1891, the palace has a total of 30 rooms on its own 2,772 sqm property. Nevertheless, only one main area is available for people, that’s the throne room. Its architectural design style is a cultural-mix of Malay, Islam and Moghal heritage. While its interior design takes a longer Spanish-Italian ambience. Take pictures of yourself wearing traditional imperial Malay Deli costume or sit on the throne of the Sultan and his Queen. The Royal collection of jewelry, antiques and presents presented by other nations’ imperial leaders will also be on display here.
Address: Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Medan
Two | Al Mashun Grand Mosque
This grand mosque is located on a busy road in Medan. The mosque was built in 1906-1909, throughout the reign of Sultan Ma’mun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alam of the Deli Sultanate. Encompassed by an extensive garden, the architectural design style of the main construction is a combination of Middle East, Moghal and Spanish influence. It is built in an octagonal shape and has four wings to its south, east, west and north. The mosque was built based on the strictest orders given by the Sultan: that it ought to be grander than his own grand palace — the Maimoon Palace. An elegant arrangement with complex details on the exterior and interior design, this is surely a place you want to visit.
Address: Medan 20218, Indonesia
3 | Tjong A Fie Mansion
Visiting this mansion will make you feel instantly transported back in history. Every accessory and furniture in this mansion are arranged exactly as if the mansion is still inhabited by its owner. Located in downtown Medan, the construction has a combination of Chinese, Malay and Art-Deco influences. The mansion carries on to be well preserved among the surrounding contemporary structures. Tjong A Fie was a Chinese merchant who tried to find better fortune within the city tha is today know as Medan. He climbed becoming a wealthy entrepreneur, a respected leader and philanthropist. With beautiful carvings, ornaments, antiques and artworks, this mansion was dedicated to his beloved spouse. Here’s a fascinating fact: Tjong A Fie is among the 3 personalities who funded the construction of the Al Mashun Grand Mosque.
Address: Jln. A. Yani 105, Medan 20111