The Many Advantages of Pond Fountains for Aeration and Beauty

Having lake and pond fountains installed in water features on a residential or commercial properties provide important advantages. They provide aeration for fish, and they prevent stagnant water that attracts mosquitoes and allows algae to grow. They create aesthetically pleasing settings. If the pond owners allow swimming in it, the fountain can be a fun feature for standing under and enjoying the cool spray on a hot day.

Floating Fountains

Most fountains are considered decorative even though they have functional purposes when installed in a pond. Some are set up to always be in one place while others can float around the water. Floating fountains from suppliers like Living Water Aeration can be installed relatively quickly compared with standing devices. The floating aspect is especially beneficial for larger bodies of water that would otherwise need at least two non-moving fountains to provide sufficient aeration.

Light Displays

In the evening, light displays can be used to enhance the beauty even further. Some property owners prefer simple white floodlights while others want to create a more colorful effect. Rainbow effects can be achieved or the water features can be displayed with specific colors associated with the business. Homeowners might want hues they are especially fond of. It’s a way to add outdoor decor that will be admired by everyone who visits.

Low Evaporation

People may be a little concerned about water usage with these fountains. They know that some of the spray is bound to evaporate, especially when the weather is hot, dry and sunny. Wind is another factor. In reality, most of these features are relatively small, and they simply return the water used to its most recent source. A pond may be fed by an underground spring or well in addition to rainfall. The small amount of extra evaporation from the fountain should not tax it much.

Natural Filtration

The end result of these devices is like a natural filtration because of the oxygen added to the water through bubbles. Mosquitoes won’t lay eggs there, algae can’t take hold and fish have a better chance to thrive. Since the fountains are aesthetically pleasing and use very little extra water, there is no downside to this functional equipment.