The Most Common Signs That Indicate The Need For A New Mattress

A majority of mattress manufacturers back their products with an impressive warranty, with some units covered against defects related to poor craftsmanship for a period of up to 10 years. Despite these warranties, there are still times when a mattress will need to be replaced to ensure a person gets an adequate amount of support and the comfort they need to sleep soundly. When a person notices the following items, it may indicate that their mattress is in disrepair and should be replaced to ensure rest.

Unusual Sagging or Drooping

The surface of a mattress should remain flat and not show any sagging or drooping while no one is laying on it. When divots and other large areas of sagging are detected, it may indicate that the inner support system has failed and is no longer supporting the body while sleeping. Be sure to check with the manufacturer to see if the defect is covered under warranty, and if not, it may be a good idea to replace it with a new one.

Physical Damage to its Surface

Though a mattress is usually covered with a protective cover and sheets and blankets, there is still a chance that its surface will become damaged, and though it may not seem like an issue, it may drastically affect the performance of the support system. Also, if a bed that is constructed with gel and foam inner cores becomes damaged it should be inspected thoroughly to ensure that there is not a propensity for it to leak or break apart.

Trouble Staying Asleep

There are a variety of health issues that may cause a person to struggle to stay asleep, but a mattress that isn’t delivering an adequate amount of support may also cause this common problem. If a person does not have the same trouble sleeping on other beds or if the addition of a mattress topper seems to alleviate it, it should be replaced. A new bed may be the key to getting the perfect night of sleep.

Don’t let an old mattress keep a person from getting the rest they deserve. Be sure to read this post to learn more and take the first step in finding a bed that offers unparalleled support and comfort all night long.